The Best Hikes in Jervis Bay

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Explore stunning scenery on some of the best walks in Jervis Bay. Jervis Bay has a variety of hiking experiences, ranging from lush forest explorations to coastal routes boasting expansive ocean vistas. 

Experience the tranquillity of this coastal gem while taking in the beautiful scenery, rare vegetation, and fauna. Jervis Bay’s paths promise an amazing adventure through some of Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes, regardless of your experience level as a hiker or your passion for the natural world.

What Makes a Good Hiking Trail

Rich scenery, clearly designated pathways, and an ideal mix of difficulty and accessibility characterise a quality hiking trail. Enhancements to the experience include clear signs, good upkeep, and care for the environment. 
Your enjoyment and safety are improved by having enough amenities, such as water supplies and a Jervis Bay walks map, as well as taking advantage of the rest zones. Hikers who follow a well-planned trail are able to interact with natural wonders, which encourages exercise and connects them to the outdoors.

White Sands Walk

Jervis Bay National park

White Sands Walk, New South Wales 2540
White Sands Walk
Traversing the ethereal beauty of White Sands, where every step unveils a desert dreamscape.

Jervis Bay White Sands Walk is a 2.5 km long, scenic coastal walk that provides breathtaking views of immaculate white sand beaches and glistening turquoise waters. This moderately graded track meanders through the Jervis Bay National Park, offering views of the local wildlife and flora. 

Hyams Beach, renowned for its unusually white sand, and the peaceful Greenfield Beach are two of the area’s highlights. With opportunities for birdwatching and relaxing amidst the natural splendour of Australia’s coastline, the walk is ideal for those who love the outdoors.

Scribbly Gum Track

Jervis Bay National park

Scribbly Gum Track, Vincentia NSW 2540
Scribbly Gum Track
Corkwood and scribbly gum walking track,

Jervis Bay’s Scribbly Gum Track is a picturesque 3.5-kilometer circle that winds through dense eucalyptus woodlands. The unusual scribble gum trees with fascinating scribble patterns on their bark are on display along this easy-grade walk. 

A leisurely stroll will allow visitors to see local birds and, on occasion, kangaroos. With its ideal blend of peace and quiet and the unique characteristics of Australia’s flora and fauna, the trail provides a calm getaway into the great outdoors.

St. Georges Head Circuit

Booderee National Park

St Georges Head Track, Jervis Bay JBT 2540
St. Georges Head Circuit
Exploring the breathtaking St. Georges Head Circuit, where every step unveils a panoramic masterpiece of nature’s grandeur.

The picturesque St. Georges Head Circuit is a 4-kilometre Jervis Bay coastal walk that offers stunning views of the surrounding scenery and the ocean. Hikers travel through eucalyptus trees and coastal heathlands on this moderately graded trail. 

With opportunities for birdwatching and taking in the seaside vegetation, the walk provides a varied natural experience. Exploring this well-kept circuit allows hikers to take in the stunning Australian coastline.

Munyunga Waraga Dhugan Loop

Booderee National Park

Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay JBT 2540
Munyunga Waraga Dhugan Loop
Embark on the scenic Munyunga Waraga Dhugan Loop for a breathtaking journey through nature’s wonders.

Situated in Jervis Bay, the gentle 5-kilometre Munyunga Waraga Dhugan Loop walk provides both natural beauty and cultural insights. In addition to discovering Aboriginal cultural sites, visitors may explore the natural bushland and take in breathtaking views of the shore. Providing a significant cultural experience, the walk includes interpretive markers that tell stories about the local Yuin people. 
Hikers may witness native plants and animals while hiking one of the best Jervis Bay bush walks.  A distinctive and instructive outdoor experience, this loop walk acknowledges the rich indigenous heritage of the area while showcasing the picturesque scenery of Jervis Bay.

Mermaid Inlet and Gosangs Tunnel


Currarong NSW 2540
Mermaid Inlet and Gosangs Tunnel
Where nature unveils its mesmerizing wonders at every turn.

In Jervis Bay, Mermaid Inlet and Gosangs Tunnel provide an exciting seaside experience. With breathtaking views of the ocean, this gentle 6-kilometre walk travels through coastal heath. Hikers can access the remote Mermaid Inlet and explore the interesting Gosangs Tunnel, a natural rock feature. 

With its cliffs and varied vegetation, the song highlights the untamed beauty of the coast. This walk provides a wonderful experience for anyone looking for a picturesque and somewhat difficult hike in Jervis Bay because of its blend of unusual geological formations and coastal landscapes.

Set out on an amazing adventure across Jervis Bay’s stunning landscapes, where each step reveals a new marvel of nature. Jervis Bay offers hiking experiences unlike any other, whether you opt for a panoramic hike, a seaside excursion, or a coastline walk. Allow Jervis Bay walking trails to serve as your guide for a well-balanced experience of adventure, peace, and admiration for the natural world’s marvels.

Hiking Safely in Jervis Bay

On your hikes in Jervis Bay, prioritise safety while taking in the natural treasures. Discover the breathtaking scenery of Jervis Bay and embrace the beauty of nature with assurance. Here are five tips to help you.

Check National Park website

Always consult the official National Park website for Jervis Bay before starting a hike for the most recent information on trail conditions, safety alerts, and any park-specific guidelines. Get up-to-date information on weather alerts, track closures, and any particular considerations from this invaluable resource.

Tell someone where you’re going

When planning on completing one of the Jervis Bay walks, always let someone you can trust know. Give specifics, like the trail you’ve picked, when you anticipate returning, and any backup plans you may have. By taking this precaution, you may be sure that someone knows where you are and can sound the alarm in case it becomes necessary.

Swim safely

Choose approved swimming places and follow any stated instructions to ensure your safety if you plan to swim during your hiking excursion in Jervis Bay. Before venturing into the water, find out about tides, currents, and any potential dangers. Remember the aquatic creatures and heed any cautions issued.

Wildlife and plant safety

In order to guarantee a secure and pleasurable hike in Jervis Bay, be mindful of the native flora and wildlife. To prevent damaging effects on the environment and lower the chance of coming across potentially dangerous plants or animals, stick to designated pathways. Don’t feed, touch, or try to engage with wildlife; instead, maintain a respectful distance.

Pack water

Bring lots of water with you on your Jervis Bay hikes so you can stay hydrated, especially with the frequently bright and coastal weather. Dehydration can occur quickly, which increases the risk of weariness and accidents. Make sure you have enough water in your hydration system or portable bottle for the whole hike.