Best Tours in Jervis Bay

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Jervis Bay is a coastal jewel offering a range of tours that highlight the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the region. From exhilarating whale-watching expeditions, to tranquil eco-boat trips, there are Jervis Bay tours to provide a variety of trips that suit any interest, whether you’re an adventure seeker, history buff, or wildlife enthusiast.

Types of Tours in Jervis Bay

There are many different Jervis Bay tours available that can accommodate almost everyone and their preferences. Here are some of the most popular types of tours available. 

  • Tours via Eco-Boat: See aquatic creatures like seals, dolphins, and other kinds of birds; find out about the conservation initiatives and the bay’s distinctive ecosystems.
  • Whale Observation Tours: See the southern right and humpback whale migrations. Witness breathtaking views of whales slapping their tails and breaching.
  • Adventures with Kayaks: Get a closer look at the coastal landscape and marine life of Jervis Bay. Discover hidden coves, marine caves, and the breathtaking coastline.
  • Diving and Snorkeling Tours: Give you a glimpse into another world with a plethora of marine life in a variety of underwater environments.
  • Tours of Cultural Heritage: Learn about Jervis Bay’s indigenous history and cultural significance, featuring traditional knowledge and storytelling at significant Aboriginal locations. Learn about the Dreamtime stories and ties to the land that are unique to the area.
  • Cruises at Sunset: Go on leisurely evening Jervis Bay cruises to see the stunning sunsets over the water as you drive along the shore,taking in the sky’s shifting hues.

What Makes a Good Tour

When deciding which tour would be best for you, there are four factors that you should consider. 

  1. Informed tour guide: A tour’s experience is enhanced by knowledgeable guides who offer precise information, historical context, and captivating anecdotes.
  2. Seamless organisation: Participants can concentrate on enjoying the tour because of the stress-free experience provided by an organised tour. Seamless logistics, prompt transitions, and effective scheduling are needed.
  3. Price: This will always be a factor when deciding on a tour. Whether it’s a free walking tour or a more upmarket tour with all of the thrills you want, make sure you are getting the quality you have paid for.
  4. Extras and surprises: It’s always nice to get a little something extra on your tour, perhaps a photographer thrown in or something memorable to take home to remember your time.

Jervis Bay Wild

The Best Eco-Tour

15 Field Street Huskisson NSW 2540
Jervis Bay Wild
Nature’s masterpiece unfolds in the tranquil beauty of Jervis Bay Wild.

Price – $90

Discover the secrets of the stunning Jervis Bay Marine Park by boat and immerse yourself in its beauty. Take in views of Honeymoon Bay’s protected lagoon and the imposing rocks of Point Perpendicular. Watch out for the local fauna, which includes white-bellied sea eagles, sandpipers, and dolphins. At Jervis Bay Wild, they support regional companies and promote sustainable practices. They share their years of experience with wildlife and the history of the area because they think that information is power when it comes to the environment.

The Best Jervis Bay Sunset Cruise

Price – $45

Jervis Bay Wild also run a sunset river ride along the protected waters of Currambene Creek. An afternoon on their pontoon boat is the ideal way to take in Jervis Bay’s breathtaking skyline. Bring your own food and drink and enjoy it as the sun sets against the picturesque backdrop of a river.

Dolphin Watch Cruises

The Best Jervis Bay Whale Watching Cruise

15 Field St, Huskisson NSW 2540, Australia
Dolphin Watch Cruises
Sail into joyous serenity with Dolphin Watch Cruises, where playful fins paint the seascape with delight.

Price – $75

There’s nowhere else in the world like Jervis Bay for whale viewing experiences. For more than 30 years, Dolphin Watch Cruises has been sailing Jervis Bay. Therefore, there’s no need to search any further for the ultimate whale watching Jervis Bay boat experience. Australia’s majestic humpback whales migrate along the east coast every year from May to November. Because Jervis Bay points so far out, you can observe them up close as they approach and examine the boats.

Sea Kayaking Jervis Bay

The Best Jervis Bay Kayak Tour

20 MacGibbon Parade, Old Erowal Bay, NSW, Australia, New South Wales
Sea Kayaking Jervis Bay
Paddling through the pristine waters of Jervis Bay, where sea kayaking meets coastal serenity.

Price – $140

Tae part in two leisurely 1.5-hour kayaking sessions interspersed with a well-earned swim break and morning tea on a stunning beach, complete with plunger coffee, freshly baked cake, and fresh cut fruit. Guides that are extremely knowledgeable, humorous, and intimate. Numerous animals can be seen, such as stingrays and dolphins. Additionally, the location you kayak in varies based on the weather, making each trip unique.

Woe Be Gone

The Best Diving and Snorkelling Tour

Jervis Bay, NSW Australia 2540
Woebegone Freedive, Jervis Bay
Diving into serenity, leaving woes behind in the depths of tranquility.

Price – $250 (with your own equipment) or $315 (with premium freediving equipment hire).

Explore the Ancient Sea Caves, located near the base of towering cliffs that plunge into the vast Pacific Ocean on Australia’s east coast, and see the wonders of the Great Southern Reef. During boat journeys, you may unwind and let the ocean carry you along. Since the weather dictates the day’s journey, each tour is different. With a mask and snorkel, you can view everything that the Jervis Bay Marine Park has to offer.

Djiriba Waagura

The Best Cultural Heritage Tour

Filter Road, West Nowra NSW 2541
Djiriba Waagura
Immersed in the rhythmic heartbeat of Djiriba Waagura, where tradition and modern beats converge.

Price – $70

On the stunning South Coast of New South Wales, Djiriba Waagura offers a variety of enthralling visitor experiences with the goal of giving everyone the chance to enjoy the beauty of nature and share their culture. Encounter nature and culture in some of Australia’s most breathtaking settings by joining one of their Jervis Bay day trip excursions.

Jervis Bay Stargazing

The Best Astronomy Tour

Vincentia NSW 2540
Let an Astrophysicist lead you on a Jervis Bay astronomy tour.

Price – $85 Adults, $55 Child

Jervis Bay Stargazing invites you to explore the awe-inspiring night sky from New South Wales pristine coastline. Expert guides and cutting-edge telescopes reveal the wonders of constellations, planets, and galaxies against unpolluted skies. Ideal for both enthusiasts and curious minds, this experience offers an immersive journey into the cosmos. From romantic evenings to educational adventures, this stargazing escapade guarantees an unforgettable celestial encounter.