Day Trips from Ulladulla & Things to do

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Set out on an incredible adventure to discover the wonders of Ulladulla. This guide offers things to do in Ulladulla NSW that entice you to experience the South Coast’s breathtaking coastal scenery. This quaint Australian location offers the ideal balance of nature and action for a fulfilling day out, from picturesque nearby treks and serene lakes to nearby markets and delicious dining options.

Where Are Ulladulla and Mollymook?

Australia’s South Coast is home to Ulladulla and Mollymook. The beach town of Ulladulla is located around 230 kilometres south of Sydney. It’s well-known for its gorgeous beaches, harbour, and fishing spots.

Due to their close proximity, Mollymook and Ulladulla are frequently seen as belonging to the same territory. Offering a laid-back beach vibe and a variety of outdoor activities, Ulladulla and Mollymook are well-liked vacation spots.

Food and Drink

Drive Time3 mins
Activity TypeFood and drink
Ulladulla Food and Drink
Savoring the coastal flavors: Ulladulla and Mollymook’s irresistible fusion of delectable food and refreshing drinks.

Along with a vineyard, brewery, fromagerie, and restaurant, Cupitt’s Estate is a firm favourite winery on the South Coast. It is possible for guests to go on a gastronomic adventure, where they can sample wines from estates, craft brews, and cheeses made by artisans.

With a sensory experience and encouraging visitors to lose themselves in the tastes and scenery of this celebrated culinary destination, one of the most perfect things to do in Ulladulla when it’s raining.

Deep Sea Fishing

LocationUlladulla Harbour
Drive Time5 mins
Activity TypeFishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Dive into the thrill of the deep blue adventure with Ulladulla and Mollymook Deep Sea Fishing.

Rich fishing grounds in the Tasman Sea can be explored by enthusiasts aboard local fishing charters that depart from this charming harbour. Snapper, tuna, and marlin are just a few of the species that can be caught on deep-sea fishing excursions. 
Ulladulla Fishing Charters have some great reef fishing charters available to book for up to 8 people with a very knowledgeable crew for great day trips from Ulladulla. If the ocean isn’t for you, you can still sample some of the best fish and chips the South Coast has to offer.

Dolphin and Whale Watching

LocationJervis Bay
Drive Time1 hour 15 mins
Activity TypeDolphin and whale watching
Dolphin and Whale Watching
Captivating moments unfold as dolphins and whales grace the waters off Ulladulla and Mollymook

There are exciting boat tours available from local operators that allow you to see the amazing spectacle of these marine monsters. Southern right and humpback whales use the waters throughout their migratory season, which typically runs from May to November. 

Tourists can see playful dolphins in addition to admiring their magnificent performances. Jervis Bay Wild has some amazing tours on offer to help you plan your day trip to Jervis Bay.


LocationMollymook Golf Club
Drive Time5 mins
Activity TypeGolf
Ulladulla Golfing
Swinging into serenity at Ulladulla and Mollymook – where every stroke is a perfect blend of golf and coastal beauty.

The golf course at Mollymook Golf Club is world-class, with stunning views of the ocean. It offers golfers two championship courses, Beachside and Hilltop. 

Apart from playing golf, guests may enjoy delicious dining options, mingle in the lively atmosphere, and take in the stunning coastline scenery that envelops this well-known golf resort. The Mollymook Golf Club offers a unique combination of sport and pleasure for both inexperienced and seasoned golfers and is one of the best things to do in Mollymook Ulladulla.

Day by the Water

LocationBurrill Lake
Drive Time8 mins 
Activity TypeOutdoor, kayaking, fishing, stand up paddle board
Ulladulla Day by the Water
Serenity unfolds as Ulladulla and Mollymook embrace a tranquil day by the water, where the gentle waves weave tales of coastal bliss.

A variety of leisure opportunities are available at Burrill Lake, a peaceful oasis. This picturesque lake, encircled by verdant woodland, offers possibilities for fishing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. The waterfront has great places for picnics and leisure, and the calm seas are great for swimming. 

For those who enjoy the outdoors and want to spend a relaxed day by the water away from the bustle of the city, Burrill Lake’s picturesque scenery and serene atmosphere make it one of the fun things to do in Ulladulla.

Beach Day

LocationNarrawallee Beach
Drive Time10 mins
Activity TypeWater activates, swimming, surfing, snorkelling
Ulladulla Beach Day
Sun-kissed shores and sandy smiles – a perfect day of sun, sea, and serenity at Ulladulla and Mollymook Beach.

If you are looking for things to do around Ulladulla, Narrawallee Beach, a serene haven on the seashore is a stunning find. For swimmers, surfers, and beach lovers, the beach’s gorgeous beaches and glistening waves provide a paradise. With breathtaking views of the ocean from the picturesque headland or while having a picnic on the beach, tourists may take in the surrounding natural splendour.

Challenging Hike

Drive Time45 mins
Activity TypeHiking
Embarking on a thrilling journey through the rugged beauty of Ulladulla and Mollymook – where each step is a challenge and every summit unveils breathtaking vistas.

One of Morton National Park’s most recognizable peaks is Pigeon House Mountain, also known as Didthul. Hiking to the summit of this strenuous but rewarding location offers expansive views of the surrounding countryside, including the lakes and coastline. 

The trail meanders through a variety of vegetation types, offering photographic and wildlife enthusiasts equally options. Climbers can reach the top and scale the unique granite outcrop, which provides an amazing 360-degree view. Region X supplies a day trip with pick up and transfers to do this hike, with lunch and tea provided so all you need are your walking boots.

Outdoor Adventure

LocationClyde River National Park
Drive Time50 mins 
Activity TypeOutdoor, hikes, kayaking
Ulladulla Outdoor Adventure
Embrace the thrill of nature’s playground in Ulladulla and Mollymook – where outdoor adventures unfold against a backdrop of breathtaking beauty.

Explore the many landscapes of Clyde River National Park, a place for lovers of the outdoors. The park has beautiful riverbanks, deep forests, and walking trails in addition to its rich biodiversity. Hikers can enjoy scenic routes like the Pigeon House Mountain Didthul summit trek, which offers expansive vistas. 

Water lovers can enjoy a peaceful getaway on the Clyde River, which is ideal for fishing and kayaking. Bay and Beyond have a fantastic 6 hour kayaking tour for ages 12 and up with lunch and drinks provided. 

Explore Ulladulla and Mollymook, where a variety of day trips reveal the charm of the South Coast, and start your adventure, year-round. Ulladulla calls with a symphony of nature and adventure, whether it’s the surf at Narrawallee Beach or the strenuous walk up Pigeon House Mountain. Enjoy a range of different things to do in Ulladulla all year round.